Breakthrough in Music Credits with Sound Credit 4: Beautiful mobile app and kiosk, exports for The MLC and Unions

Sound Credit Team

MEMPHIS, TENN., January 13, 2022 - Today, Sound Credit, the world's leading music credits platform since 2016, launches Sound Credit 4, representing the largest advancement in music crediting technology in the past 20 years.

The need for better music credits receives tremendous awareness among committees, initiatives, and the press, however to solve the problem, the industry must have well-designed technology that balances ease-of-use and data quality. Sound Credit 4 includes the first mobile app to fully deliver on this need and it has been done with beautiful and modern execution. It also introduces a revolutionary in-studio Creator Kiosk with which creators can check in to sessions using either a physical or a digital Creator ID card system. In the software itself, users can find the first-ever, patent-pending union contract generator which is the first technology since the PDF for streamlining union forms that get performers paid.

Step up to the cloud-connected Creator Kiosk to check in with a Creator ID or enter your credit manually.

Over the past year, Sound Credit hired leading UI/UX designers around the world including former designers for AirBNB and other leading tech giants, to deliver a complete revision of its platform, moving the experience of music credits decisively into the future. The website at has been reimagined as well, with a focus on the tech, a more comprehensive layout, and a remarkable logo that expresses both the musical notes made by creatives and the links in the chain of credit accountability that Sound Credit represents. Moreover, the logo doubles as a symbol of infinity, honoring the nature of the connection between creators and the music they create.

This historic advancement for music credits was made possible through an oversubscribed investment round conducted by Sound Credit in 2021, led by Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund Bee Partners. “Through detailed due diligence with market leaders, we concluded that inefficiency in the music industry supply chain largely centers on the issue of accurately crediting creators. So we chose to lead this round with a bet on the leader in this space, to unlock a significant portion of the growth in the music industry predicted by Goldman Sachs” said Tim Smith, partner at Bee Partners.

Install the Creator ID app to receive a free ISNI code registration, then you're set for instant check-in.

The user experience of Sound Credit has now matured to a level that engineers, musicians, and artists can use the full range of options in the Sound Credit platform with almost no training. The platform options, including the desktop application, mobile app, digital/physical Creator ID, Creator Kiosk, and audio workstation plug-in, can be used interchangeably so production teams can choose the methods most convenient to them. Music creators have the option to submit their full personal profile at any session with the swipe of a card, by entering their email, or by entering it manually. Data entered into the mobile app can be shared with any other device in the studio, or elsewhere. At the end of the project, the final data can automatically populate over 20 different forms and formats.

Capture, edit, and share credits with the new TrackSheet Plus mobile app.

“Not only is Sound Credit setting the standard for music credits, it's helping producers deliver on time. That's huge,” says producer Boo Mitchell, the Royal Studios owner who engineered Bruno Mars’ 'Uptown Funk.' “You're reaching new music producers all the time who want to honor credits and label requirements, and you are giving them exactly what they need to make sure everything is done right, quickly — without losing focus on the music.”

The newly redesigned workstation plug-in, mirroring the mobile app and kiosk.

At the end of the project, among the forms and formats, users will find new union contract forms and the Bulk Upload File template used by The Mechanical Licensing Collective (“The MLC”). “We are thrilled that Sound Credit has made it easier for users of their new app to create Bulk Upload Files that they can use to register their works with The MLC. This new functionality will make it easier for those users to register their works with The MLC, which, in turn, will ensure that we are paying them all the mechanical royalties they are owed for their works. It’s great to see this new feature included in the release of Sound Credit 4,” says Kris Ahrend, CEO of The MLC.

Everything can connect to the Sound Credit Portal, which allows over 20 exports including new union contract and The MLC options.

The music industry is never one-size-fits-all: it demands a range of modalities. With Sound Credit 4, the first company to make standardized credit capturing a reality has now leveled up, using every approach tech has to offer to provide multiple options for entering and managing credits. With such innovations so easily integrated into every studio's work flow, the release of Sound Credit 4 marks, as of today, the start of a new era in music industry history, where every credit can be honored and every creator can get their due.


Sound Credit is a Memphis-based corporation that develops breakthrough technology for the music industry. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the supply chain of sound recordings from the studio through to the listener. Sound Credit has achieved users in over 50 countries with recognition throughout the music industry.